2021 Applications
Now Open!

We help startups scale clean technologies.

New York’s premier Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) is now accepting applications from cleantech startups and climate technology innovators from around the country and the world.

Apply before April 15, 2021.

CEBIP is now accepting applications from founders with a clean technology that has the potential to transform the market.

Recent and upcoming incubator graduates have opened new spots at CEBIP – don’t miss this opportunity to join the nation’s leading clean energy ecosystem.

The 2021
Application Cycle

Round 1
Apply before April 15, 2021 and you will be notified of CEBIP’s decision by April 30, 2021.

Future rounds will be announced subject to capacity availability.

“It is a laboratory filled with a diverse group of professional advisors to help develop and improve your product or service and make it ready for the market”

– CEBIP Board Member

“CEBIP provides all facets of business development coaching to clean energy related start-ups from incubation to graduation.”

– CEBIP Board Member

“The premier Clean Energy Incubator in the greater NY area”

– CEBIP Board Member

“As a client of CEBIP, I’ve felt that the support of their team and Board was similar to having an extension to our team. CEBIP has been incredibly instrumental in introducing us to opportunities related to fundraising, pilot projects, and education that would normally come at a significant cost especially to startups. I can’t thank them enough for the support that they have given us.”

Tinia – ReNuble

“CEBIP clearly exceeded our expectations and how we feel the government cares about startups. The program fits us perfectly.”

Nikolai – ModelizeIT

“ThermoLift, was launched in early 2012 directly as a result of the support provided by CEBIP. CEBIP’s commitment to Entrepreneurial spirit has been instrumental on our path to commercialization. The input and mentoring through CEBIP was and continues to be priceless for our development. CEBIP offers clients access and initial credibility the seedling enterprise requires to be viewed as an enterprise as opposed to a hobby, this opened paths otherwise inaccessible for us.”

Paul – Thermolift

“SulfCrete has received invaluable support as an active member of CEBIP. From networking and introductions, to help in developing our business plan and investor decks, and more, CEBIP has been hugely helpful as we seek to commercialize our technology.”

Bill – Sulfcrete

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated for admission into CEBIP on a rolling basis based on the following criteria

Hardware preferred and big challenges welcomed. Ability to decarbonize our world. IP strategy.


A solid team that is open to discovery and can benefit from engagement and coaching.


Climate impact, economic impact in New York State, supportive of CLCPA goals.


Technology, business model and strategy all show promise for scaled growth.


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